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Welcome~ Here you will find my anime interests as well
as my graphics. Please read my FAQ before me a question.
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"Ice. I am a machine made of ice."

Asada Shino / Sinon  in Episode 3 

Nisekoi girls as Idols! c;

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Sword Art Online - Phantom Bullet Theme
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New features:
 - Added more pages such as tag navigation (directory), terms of use, graphics navigation, FAQ, new about me page and a new blogroll.
 - Scrolling “currently watching” list that pauses when hovering over it.
 - Theme compatible for 1366x768 resolution displays but is best viewed in a 1920x1080 resolution.
 - Added an ask box in FAQ.
 - New graphics for each page. All images should link to another page as well.
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Yep. I was editing, coding, re-tagging and crying for the last few days to make this. Idk how I feel about my new theme so feedback would be greatly appreciated (on the theme and new pages too~). Thank youu